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And We're Back..............

  Josh Scott, 36, lost to Cranfield, 174, by 138 runs (OSCC, 57 all out, lost to Cranfield by 117 runs) It was a day where Josh Scott single-handedly helped Offley avoid their lowest ever total (43). It was a day when Umpire Wayne Cutts ran amok and single-handedly decimated his own batting order (admittedly the fella who took 6-6 might disagree slightly with that). It was a day where six hours spent in A&E and the prospect of a summer of scans and tests seemed preferable to being part of the carnage. It was a day which was hopefully not a sign of things to come as only 10 men could be cajoled on to the field. Considering the Christians usually managed a full compliment in the Colliseum against the Lions this was a little disappointing for the first game of the year. Above all it was a day where the early promise of two friendly victories was swept away in comprehensive fashion as Cranfield stormed to victory, Swapnil claiming as many wickets (6) as eight Offley batsmen combined fo