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Podgy Practices

  Offley's finest have returned to the nets after the winter break and sources suggest that it is a newly bulked-up side that will be trying to squeeze through the dressing room door and down the (hopefully reinforced) pavilion steps in 2022. While weight of runs has rarely been an issue over recent seasons (unlike the wait for runs), it appears that the squad have been piling on the pounds over the winter with one bearded biffer reportedly supplementing his income by making promotional appearances in the guise of former strong man Geoff Capes, a man who in his prime weighed in at 375 pounds.  Although he is a little too plump to be utterly convincing as a 375-pound specimen, our man is reportedly bringing home the bacon (and the pork chops, gammon steaks and sausages) with this new career move. He's still doing a little bit of electrical work on the side as well. Speaking on condition of anonymity, Steve Bexfield pulled no punches when he revealed that there were plenty of pod